Refugee Resource Iconography

UX/UI Design, Illustration, Design Research

This project is currently in progress. 

In collaboration with Touching Land and the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, this project is a visual language meant to communicate necessary resources to refugees and immigrants beyond the barriers of culture, education, and written language. The system of iconography is meant to be malleable, leaving room for growth and change as we apply it to signage within a refugee center on the Texas border, and culminating in a fleshed-out website for people to navigate their way through a database of resources prioritizing accessibility and continuing a legacy of indigenous visual language systems.

My role as Touching Land’s Lead Designer for this project gave me the opportunity to research and interact directly with the community we were serving. I hand drew each icon to give a human, friendly feel, and designed the hierarchy of the system. I also managed two cohorts of interns from Yale University who helped us with research and UX testing.

To hear more about my process and my inspiration watch this video

McAllen, Texas, USA. Present