Materia Abierta- Rise of the Coyote

Unlearning. Reconnecting. Imagining.

Materia Abierta is a summer school on theory, art, and technology-based in Mexico City. Conceived as a space to reflect on the ethics of the present and future, the program aims to interrogate the political, economic, and ideological forces that condition contemporary cultural production and to favor other forms of action and knowledge. 

Although this isn’t a project I produced work for, it was one I learned from. In a way no academic institution I’ve attended ever has. My experience at Materia Abierta has informed who I am as an artist and as a person more than any project I’ve done before. During lectures held by agro-feminist collectives, artists working with Mesoamerican mechatronics, and afro-futurist praxis, I developed mycelial connections with concepts and beings from subterranean schools of thought. Any project I do from this point forward is heavily influenced by my time here. 

Mexico City, MX. 2022